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combining styles with saguaro: south western + mid century modern

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We have been a lot talking about mid-century modern on the blog this month! And we are not stopping now. But what do you do when maybe your personal style doesn't align with one specific genre. In this case, mid century modern was the overall decor of the home; but, in the guest room we added South Western touch through Saguaro. The couple being from California and moving to Texas was totally represented in the mid century modern preferences and a touch of South Western here made it feel true to them. Saguaro was styled into the guest bedroom of a really cool and fun design process that happened virtually throughout covid. You can read that on Tara Lenney Design's website.

The bright orange and green really make a beautiful statement while tying the room together. A guest bedroom is an oasis of sorts for your family or friends who are in town visiting for a weekend or the holidays. You want it to be cozy but not too cozy. Giving them the hospitality they want without over staying their welcome, you know what I mean?!

It's like a mini hotel room in your home. So, when the styling of this room began; we knew we needed art that brought warmth and happy feelings to the space. Saguaro was just that. With the midcentury gold accents and beautiful walnut tones in the sideboard and side tables, the orange background and green cactus really pulled the hues together. We threw an ombre knit throw blanket over the cozy bed and the room felt complete. Choosing wall art can be tricky but if you know what style you are looking for you; you can always head to our Shop this Style page and match a piece to the room you are styling. Maybe mix and match from multiple styles so it accurately represents you!


  1. stacked terra cotta planter

  2. Saguaro

  3. shower curtain

  4. ribbed scone

  5. lumbar pillow

  6. candle

  7. rattan chair

  8. big bend valley print

  9. green pillow

  10. knit throw in terracotta

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