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a guide to adding your digital art the Samsung Frame TV

Post contains affiliate links. It is not sponsored by Samsung.

Artists are usually appealing to clients through creating art that will match a vibe in a bedroom, the dining room, or an office area. They are thinking physical actual art.

magnolia digital art for samsung frame tv

As we make our houses home, we love to look for pieces that match our style as well as the way we want our house to feel. Living rooms are such a tricky spot. It’s where the family convenes to socialize, have movie night or just hang out. It’s where our kids sit in their messy feet at the end of the day and tell us all (I mean ALL) about it. While a big ugly black TV can easily distract from those meaningful moments, it can also catalyze them.

Queue Samsung Frame TV!

The Frame TV is a flat screen TV with a frame around it that looks like art when you aren’t watching TV. Now you can hang it over a credenza your fireplace or your office conference room and look like a cultured art connoisseur instead of a Netflix bingeaholic. And they cost the same as any other flat screen TV.

Win, win.

The TV comes with a few free pieces of art, and you can also pay to subscribe to various other art “channels.” The genius way to use The Frame, though, and to next level your space is by adding digital art that will complement the room perfectly.

There are a few steps to go through to add digital art, and a few tricks we’ve learned to make them really look like art and not like a digital image. I am not a technology wizard, and you don’t have to be either. We’ve also rounded up our favorite Frame TV “frames” and digital art that is formatted for the TV at the end of the post!


You’ve purchased a piece of digital art that you’re obsessed with. Awesome! Here are the basic steps to take that digital art file and get it up on your screen. Watch the video or see below for the steps.

  1. Get your digital art ready on your phone. Your digital image should be a 16x9 aspect ratio EXACTLY. If you’re buying a digital image online that says it is ready for the Samsung Frame TV, you should be good to go. If your image is not 16x9 it will not display properly. All of the Humble Abode digital downloads in landscape format come with a 16x9 ratio, so you're all set!

  2. Download the SmartThings app on your Apple or Android device. Make sure your TV is connected to the app (the app should prompt you and detect your TV). Allow access to your phone's photos.

  3. In the App go to “ART MODE”

  4. Tap “add your photos”. Select the photo(s) you'd like to see on your TV.

  5. Select the art piece(s) you want to set now. It will prompt you to add a filter. Choose "none."

  6. Choose Mat or no mat. This is purely a style decision. Note - sometimes if your resolution or aspect ratio isn’t ideal, the TV will automatically add a mat to help make your image look better. We like the Modern Mat option when we're using a mat. Typically we gravitate to the no-mat look.

Viola! Your art is on your Frame! Now let’s make it look more like art.


The Frame allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other levels on your screen. We’ve found that these settings work well for most every piece of art we put up.

From your remote:

Click the Home button / Settings / Expert Settings

  • Set Brightness to 50

  • Set Contrast to 50

  • Set Sharpness to 12

  • Set Color to 30

  • Set Tint to 0

settings for art on samsung frame tv



digital art for samsung frame tv

We hope this takes out some of the intimidation factor to adding art to your TV! Pop in the comments if you have any questions we can answer!

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