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our favorite picture hanging hardware + hacks

Humble Abode art picture hanging supplies

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Hanging art is often a chore that's on the bottom of everyone's to do list. Why?

Well, because it can be a real pain in the rear.

Gathering all of your tools and supplies, measuring, and then the dread of that moment when you realize you've driven a drywall anchor into the wall IN THE WRONG SPOT and now you either have to spackle a hole or just leave your art hung in the wrong spot.

I've never taken the lazy route and just hung it in the wrong spot before. (I'm lying).

As Interior Designers, we have hung A LOT of art over the years. And we've also paid very close attention to the professional art hangers who we (blessedly) get to bring in on larger installations. We've picked up some great tips and best products and we're spilling our secrets with youuuuuuuuuu!


This is true for most anything in life, but the more you can let it be easy the more likely you are to do it. Get a bag or box and gather all of your art hanging supplies there so they're easy to find when the hanging mood strikes.


Guys, these are literally life changing. You can see me using these bad boys here. It acts like a drywall anchor by grabbing against the back of the drywall, but requires NO TOOLS to install and makes a tiny nail-sized hole. There are varying sizes that can hold up to 50 pounds. Great for most of your art!


Ever wanted to hang a piece of art, found out that it has those D-rings on the back requiring you to perfectly install 2 nails at the same height or else your art will be crooked? Yeah, I hate those too. Fun fact - you can use picture wire and string it between the hooks! That way you can install just ONE nail (or Monkey Hook) in the center.

Sometimes on the back of art it will specifically tell you NOT to install picture wire between the rings. In that case, listen to the manufacturer's instructions. They probably have a reason why.

Be sure to use a lot of wire and wrap it around itself tightly on both ends. You don't want that wire slipping.


For even more tips on sizing your art, choosing the right scale over furniture and fireplaces, and mastering gallery walls, download our Free Art Guide that is packed to the brim with tips!


Here are our go-to products that we always have in our Install Bag! And they're all cute and color coordinated, because we are designers and that's how we roll.

art picture hanging supplies

Stud Finder | Monkey hooks | Canvas Tool Totes | Level

Picture Hanging Hardware Kit | Hammer + Screwdriver set

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