Mother Mary

Mother Mary

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When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me. One of my favorite Beatles songs, and one of my favorite ladies. The most famous woman in all the art snuggles baby Jesus as the Holy Spirit descends as a dove. Created to commemorate the baptism of my Goddaughter Georgie (who also inspired Jesus’ awesome hair).


Great for bedrooms, kids rooms, living spaces, hallways.


Pairs well with Houseplant, Petal Pusher, Watering Hole, Charlotte, Kimberly, Stella, Blanche, Estelle, and Nimbo.


Art by Tara Lenney


  • Frame Styles

    BURL WOOD: This frame is so visually interesting and sophisticated. There's a reason burl wood is so on trend right now! Each hardwood frame is one-of-a-kind, and no two sides are ever alike. There will be high variation in this frame. Choose this thick frame to make a huge statement in your space.

    1 1/2" wide × 1/2" deep


    BAMBOO: Oh. So. CHIC. This gold bamboo frame can read as traditional or mid-century, feminine or classic, and either way it's a winner.

    3/4" wide × 7/8" deep


    WHITE: This thin white frame is a favorite. Ideal when you want the art to be the center of the show and not the frame. This one looks great in any space.

    3/4" wide × 1 1/8" deep

  • Mat + Framing Size

    Each framed piece (excluding 24x36) will have a 3" white mat added.


    8x10 art - final framed size approximately 16x18


    16x24 art - final framed size approximately 24x32


    20x30 art - final framed size approximately 28x38


    24x36 - does not come with a white mat - final frame size approximately 26 x 38

  • Shipping + Returns

    You can expect to receive your framed wall art within about 5 to 12 business days from order to delivery, including shipping time.


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