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  • scotia project design: colorful, but make it calming

    If your new to this page then I would love to start by telling you that while Humble Abode & Co is an art shop, we are first and foremost interior designers. And recently we had the opportunity to bring the two together, our love of all things art and design, in one beautiful home. The story of this home deserves to be told, from the colors woven throughout, quirky yet airy, to the specific digital prints selected from our shop. So let us show you around... Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re a busy family juggling the demands of 3 kids. Between preschool drop-offs, snack duty, and baseball practice, you’re constantly feeling just a teeeeensy bit behind, especially when it comes to laundry. It doesn’t help that your 1975 house is systematically rebelling against you and you can’t even open and shut your dryer door, because apparently in the 70’s they didn’t need to open the dryer?!? Despite the chaos, our clients had a vision for this home. They wanted color and life, pattern and fun (here's where Humble Abode become a win-win)! But also, with the demands of 3 young kids (and all the stuff that 3 kids bring along with them) they wanted their home to feel like a calming retreat. Is it even possible to have both!? Vibrant and calm? Colorful and serene? Challenge accepted. THE PLAN - Or should I say the design side of things... Before, the two living rooms were pretty isolated from the kitchen area, one was super underutilized and was almost a glorified hallway between the front and backyard. So to make things feel more open and inviting we removed the built ins between the Breakfast and Living Room, took out the bay window, and straightened out the back wall of the house, letting in TONS of natural light and making things much easier to navigate. We also took that opportunity to extend the outdoor patio and create a built in banquette in the breakfast area. In the kitchen we opened up the wall to the dining room, removed the peninsula, added an island, and opened up the stairwell (show stopping moment foreshadowing). The pantry had to go, so we relocated the food and appliance storage to the laundry room, which is now a square (hallelujah) and the dryer can finally open all the way. An old coat closet had been the culprit, so we did away with that since it wasn’t really being used. And now the moment that you really came for, sure we moved some walls but let's see some color! Ask and you shall receive. Keep scrolling to see the "aftermath". How we used a mix of neutrals and bright colors, both pastel and vibrant, to give this home new life, making it a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday and all the emotions that come with it. THE FINAL PRODUCT - Where the color story is told, art leading the charge! Right as you enter the home, you’re met with the most wildly colorful wallpaper that it’s hard not to feel cheerful. This wallpaper became our color palette of sorts, any color shown was fair game. The stairwell used to empty into this hallway in a pretty unceremonious way. By relocating the small pantry, we were able to alter the landing to open directly into the kitchen. This new open view gave us an opportunity to do something special, we opted for soft blue risers with a spectacular oushak rug moment and now had a GIANT wall perfect for an oversized canvas print of French Countryside. Because this is a large white wall it was begging for a pop of color. The real centerpiece of this renovation (and the home) is the new kitchen. The soft blue from the stair treads is echoed on the soft blue island that took the place of the former (weird) peninsula. Now the kitchen is open and inviting. The perimeter cabinets are painted in a crisp white, with soft off-white-almost-gray quartz counters that unify the island and other cabinets. The cheerful natural rug with a pop of pink runs the length between the island and sink. The sink is about the only thing that remained in its original location, under this sunny little window overlooking the backyard. We updated it to an apron front and added a soft brass faucet. Knowing that we had a furr down that had to stay, we wanted to maintain as much symmetry as possible on either side of the range, so rather than have a funky short upper cabinet on the left, we opted for open shelving to create a functional display. Que Humble Abode here, this was the perfect opportunity to layer in neutrals and color in the art prints selected for the shelves. We liked the saturation and depth that we get from prints Pear and Lemon, but closely followed them up with our tried and true piece, Aha. The tile backsplash was the one material that took the longest for the homeowners to land on. Ultimately we went with a soft white zellige tile that is a textural moment that adds character without demanding too much attention. It also the sets the backdrop for layered art and décor, as designers, we always recommend not skimping in the kitchen when it comes to little personal moments. THE LIGHTING. If there is one single element in this renovation that takes the cake, it’s the light fixtures. They’re all so unique from what you typically see; feminine and sophisticated and just a tad whimsical. They add so much personality to this home. In a world of islands that are as large as basketball courts, this gal is a bit more petite. At only 3’ wide, it’s enough for full depth cabinets on the working side and knee space on the other. We added a leg detail to give it a bit more presence since we couldn’t go as deep due to the size constraints of the room. Let’s take a step backwards and see how this kitchen fits into the home; namely next to the updated laundry room (left) and dream breakfast nook (right). I could write a sonnet about this breakfast nook, y’all. The soft blue cabinets carry from the kitchen island to create this cheerful cozy spot. (I spy La Madame printed on canvas there also, just outside the laundry and she looks right at home.) A command center and lunchbox storage flank either side of this nook, keeping all of the kid school accoutrement at bay and organized out of sight. Our client already had a spectacular marble tulip table and Louis ghost chairs, which absolutely had to stay! A round pedestal table is the perfect table to nestle into a nook, since there aren’t any pesky legs to get in the way. The bench seat is upholstered in an outdoor performance fabric in a bold Kelly green, which took our client a minute to get on board with, but we lovingly kept nudging her towards for the pop it would bring to the space. Remember that entry wallpaper - green is in! Another favorite lighting moment is this gold and white lantern, centered on this new window. With the crown moulding we added to the top of the cabinets, you barely notice the 2nd furr down that we were unable to remove! Opposite the breakfast nook is this stunner of a laundry room! Our client’s request was to make laundry fun. Well, other than hiring laundry out and removing the chore entirely, this should do the job! When it came to the art, we LOVE the chance for some symmetry while mixing things up and this duo of La Mademoiselle and La Madame did just the trick. Keep in mind, another plain white wall, a little more color. The colorful Asian inspired scene is the clear focal point, but don’t miss the cute white and soft blue hexagon tiles on the floor! (And that painted Mademoiselle, having her solo moment). Another sweet feature – a delicate blue tile stripe running on an otherwise standard subway tile backsplash. Storage above and below the sink, a shelf, and a drying bar make this area super functional. Opposite, an entire wall of storage! I could nearly cry. Floor to ceiling cabinets for pantry, bulk storage, and cleaning supplies line the entire wall. The stuff of dreams, and WAY more efficient than the former closet pantry. One of our favorite details – these oversized brass and white pulls against the same soft blue as the breakfast and island cabinetry. Looking from the kitchen past the breakfast nook, a brand new mudroom cabinetry wall. Formerly a water heater closet and overstuffed hall closet, all of that drywall nonsense was removed (and tankless water heater installed in the adjacent garage) to make way for more delicious closed storage. Floor to ceiling cabinets for coats, shoes, backpacks, and all manner of things. In between, a small bench for putting on shoes, and the sweetest mirror and lighting combo you ever did see. Since it was to be visible from the living room, it had to be lovely and purposeful. We debated painting it an accent color, but ultimately opted for continuity to achieve our “colorful but calm” goal and clad it in the same soft blue. Spinning around, the living room is now open to the kitchen thanks to the removal of the old wall and build in hutch. To give this space a bit of extra charm without over-taxing our budget, we added simple moulding to the walls for interest, along with a pair of sconces. This trim out created the perfect spot for a more impactful art print, our Camellia, made to feel delicate in the most precious gold bamboo frame. A new simple ceiling fan was added (because Texas) that wouldn’t steal focus in this room. At the back of the living room, a new wall of windows with sliding door brings in more natural light and is a more inviting connection to the extended patio outside. The TV was flipped from the old orientation to this wall, so it could be seen from the kitchen and breakfast, and create better flow in this room. Nearby, the Powder Bath got a refresh: a new coat of paint, counters, plumbing fixtures, grasscloth wallpaper, and (of course) sweet light fixtures that mimic the kitchen island floral fixture. To squeeze in the sconces we swapped for a skinnier mirror with gold detail. Does the tour have you parched? Let’s stop for a drink. This little hidden gem is tucked away under the stairwell. The only original feature that remains is the gold bamboo hardware. We added new soft blue cabinetry (and walls), a show stopping marble and brass backsplash, lucite shelves, and a brass sink and faucet. Our last stop is the dining room. This space before had a small opening to the kitchen. We enlarged it for a better connection between those two spaces. White wall paneling and soft blue walls (a different blue this time!) are the backdrop to the show stopping features on the ceiling…that blue and white abstract floral wallpaper, offset with (of all things) an orange chandelier! Definitely not an expected move, but one that completely reflects our clients personality and love of color. And what a better place for one of our favorites, the Flower Shop print, larger than life and enough to carry the room. We also picked up those colors in the fabric we used to reupholster the chairs, keeping our bright yet calming color story alive and well in each little detail. And with that room, we turn back towards the kitchen and complete our tour! We hope you enjoyed this fun and unexpected colorful tour!

  • shop this style: mid-mod wall art

    Post contains affiliate links. Let's talk about a style that seems to re-sweep the nation over and over again: mid-century modern. Walnuts, curved but clean lines, corners, bold colors, funky shapes and jewel tone accents. It's one of those styles that can pull everything together. Mid-mod has the cool factor; the messy bun look; the "I just woke up like this" in a believable and fun way! On Instagram today, we shared a reel showing how you can put together a mood board for a home office based on the mid century modern style. We incorporated some art that we think is absolutely essential to add in the room. These days, your office, or really the wall behind your desk, is a very important part of your work life balance. It is your zoom background. It is the first thing that you see when you walk in and it can change your mood. Nobody feels motivated by empty walls and uninspiring interiors. So here is our shop this style: Mid-Century Modern edition! On our website, we have a whole page dedicated to different art that fits into the mid-century modern style. It's a great place to shop for a gallery wall because we selected everything to fit together. We hope you feel inspired to refresh your space. It's going to look great! GET THE LOOK 1. studio desk Lamp 2. Pebbles 1 & Pebbles 2 3. fake plant 4. walnut desk 5. gemstone book end 6. bust candle holders 7. mustard swivel chair 8. 1935 9. Rocks 10. area rug As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of these links are affiliate links which means if you click the link to purchase something on this page, it won't cost you more but we may receive a commission for sharing this with you. Which is neat, because I was going to share it with you anyway! You can view our full disclosure policyhere.

  • 5 prints to make your home more festive for the holidays

    Post contains affiliate links. The halls have been decked at the Lenney House! Christmas decorating is my jam, you guys. We do it for ourselves, and we do it for one or two of our design clients every year as well. People are always looking for decorating tips and inspiration at the holidays. My number 1 tip is always the same: lean into the colors and design style that your home has the other 11 months of the year, rather than trying to totally change your home at the holidays. My ride-or-die color palette is pink, mustard, white, and warm wood and the style of my home is a blend of modern and vintage. So rather than trying to fully makeover my house to be classic red and green and traditional, my favorite colors and style become the base and then I weave the other more classic Christmas colors in with them. Ornaments and decorative Santa shaped doo-dads are the gimmes, but one often overlooked way to infuse Christmas into your home is by layering in or swapping out art! Here are some pieces we added in for Christmas, and a few others that stay up all year long that I tailor the Christmas decorations around. Come take a look around to see how we infused Christmas into our home, and be sure to scroll all the way down for a FREEBIE and to get the look in your home, should this vintage modern vibe strike your fancy. First up, in the powder room, I already have Mother Mary up so I added some bottle brush trees to drive home the birth of Jesus vibe. By far, the easiest swap to make is changing up the art in the Samsung Frame TV. We added O'Christmas Tree to our Frame TV; it makes a great focal point in the living room. And because one set of pink trees isn't enough, I added the trio of trees framed individually to my office. Over to the entryway and a BIG statement piece! You have probably seen our crown jewel: Magnolia; up on the blog, the 'gram, and anywhere else we can put it. WE LOVE IT! Since it has that moody, winter feel, that became our foundation. I added a small nativity scene and our advent calendar to make the area subtly Christmas but still so dreamy! Bottlebrush trees are my love language. I'm really driving home the vintage modern Christmas vibe by adding more bottle brush trees over this vintage pieces of furniture. We have this beautiful vintage secretary that Prickly Pear sits on top of year round. Adding the rainbow bottle brush trees pulled out the pink, yellow, and green tones from the painting and made the space feel so Christmassy! Last but by no means least, I swapped out a different framed art piece in my kitchen for one of my personal favorites: Son of a Nutcracker. It gets a good laugh every time. Thanks to Buddy the Elf for that inspiration. The moral of the story is to work with what you've got! Add a few new inexpensive art prints in with your existing décor, and then layer Christmas on top of the pieces you already have and love. That's the best thing about Christmas decorating - you can do just a touch, or go full Clark Griswold. You get to decide! Merry Christmas! A FREE GIFT FOR YOU: Download our Holiday Gift Tags to spruce up your wrapping and add a little cheer under your tree! GET THE LOOK Advent calendar Santa mugs Bottle brush trees Flocked Christmas Tree (similar) Prickly Pear O Christmas Trees digital art Vintage Shiny Brite ornaments Mother Mary framed art Throw (similar) Son of a Nutcracker Garland (similar) Plaid pillow White and black stripe pillow Red and white pom pom pillow Magnolia Blush Ribbon As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of these links are affiliate links which means if you click the link to purchase something on this page, it won't cost you more but we may receive a commission for sharing this with you. Which is neat, because I was going to share it with you anyway! You can view our full disclosure policy here.

  • holiday gift guide: humble abode edition

    Post contains affiliate links. Sometimes we have people on our gift list that we don't necessarily know what to buy for them. For me, it's my mother in law. She never wants anything and it makes it very difficult to get something together for her. She also has a super unique style. It's a little retro but she loves color. This gift guide is here to help ease some of those "what do I them" worries! For the holiday hostess with the mostest We all have that one friend who is thrilled to host every holiday party. They are already hand making their ugly sweater and stringing together popcorn for a garland on the tree. Every inch of the house is decked to utter merriment. We love them! Grab them an O Christmas Trees physical print or digital as a thank you for the years gone by that they have hosted. We love a cheerful gift for a cheerful host. For the person who has everything You know that one person who has everything? Like I mean everything; down to the decorative disposable napkins that politely change with the seasons. I have found that sending digital art to their Samsung Frame TV is a great gift or getting them a print to match their home's aesthetic is a great way to add to their unique style. Both Needless To Say & Roxanne are unique and abstract but can match in almost any room. For your extended family near + far Okay, here is my hot tip: PICTURES OF GRANDKIDS. Every mother in law loves having pictures of their fave little ones around their home. But if you are not quite there yet, try picking up a few pieces of art to fill that spot on her wall. I suggest 3 for a smaller space and either all three the same size and in 1 line (horizontal or vertical) OR 3 in 3 different sizes and make it a mini gallery wall and add a few framed photos to the wall to make it meaningful. For the at-home bartender in your life While getting them a nice bottle of whiskey or scotch is always a good idea, maybe they have particular taste or you don't want to buy them something they won't drink. Getting a few framed prints for their bar set up is a neat gift. It says "I love that what you love" without the pressure of trying to find the right drink for them. For your friend with amazing taste This is where I splurge for the Strato 16x24 in the Gold Bamboo frame. It is gorgeous and so elegant just like this friend. They probably have been eyeing some art from a local gallery or on Society6 so this is the perfect gift to get them before they even knew they wanted it! Treat yourself! And last but certainly not least, don't forget to treat yourself! Grab a cozy sweatshirt or a print for you home. If you can't bear to buy something for yourself; just blame us! Time to get gifting!

  • a guide to adding your digital art the Samsung Frame TV

    Post contains affiliate links. It is not sponsored by Samsung. Artists are usually appealing to clients through creating art that will match a vibe in a bedroom, the dining room, or an office area. They are thinking physical actual art. As we make our houses home, we love to look for pieces that match our style as well as the way we want our house to feel. Living rooms are such a tricky spot. It’s where the family convenes to socialize, have movie night or just hang out. It’s where our kids sit in their messy feet at the end of the day and tell us all (I mean ALL) about it. While a big ugly black TV can easily distract from those meaningful moments, it can also catalyze them. Queue Samsung Frame TV! The Frame TV is a flat screen TV with a frame around it that looks like art when you aren’t watching TV. Now you can hang it over a credenza your fireplace or your office conference room and look like a cultured art connoisseur instead of a Netflix bingeaholic. And they cost the same as any other flat screen TV. Win, win. The TV comes with a few free pieces of art, and you can also pay to subscribe to various other art “channels.” The genius way to use The Frame, though, and to next level your space is by adding digital art that will complement the room perfectly. There are a few steps to go through to add digital art, and a few tricks we’ve learned to make them really look like art and not like a digital image. I am not a technology wizard, and you don’t have to be either. We’ve also rounded up our favorite Frame TV “frames” and digital art that is formatted for the TV at the end of the post! ADDING YOUR OWN ART You’ve purchased a piece of digital art that you’re obsessed with. Awesome! Here are the basic steps to take that digital art file and get it up on your screen. Watch the video or see below for the steps. Get your digital art ready on your phone. Your digital image should be a 16x9 aspect ratio EXACTLY. If you’re buying a digital image online that says it is ready for the Samsung Frame TV, you should be good to go. If your image is not 16x9 it will not display properly. All of the Humble Abode digital downloads in landscape format come with a 16x9 ratio, so you're all set! Download the SmartThings app on your Apple or Android device. Make sure your TV is connected to the app (the app should prompt you and detect your TV). Allow access to your phone's photos. In the App go to “ART MODE” Tap “add your photos”. Select the photo(s) you'd like to see on your TV. Select the art piece(s) you want to set now. It will prompt you to add a filter. Choose "none." Choose Mat or no mat. This is purely a style decision. Note - sometimes if your resolution or aspect ratio isn’t ideal, the TV will automatically add a mat to help make your image look better. We like the Modern Mat option when we're using a mat. Typically we gravitate to the no-mat look. Viola! Your art is on your Frame! Now let’s make it look more like art. TUNING YOUR ART DISPLAY The Frame allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other levels on your screen. We’ve found that these settings work well for most every piece of art we put up. From your remote: Click the Home button / Settings / Expert Settings Set Brightness to 50 Set Contrast to 50 Set Sharpness to 12 Set Color to 30 Set Tint to 0 TV AND FAVORITE FRAMES TV | Natural Frame | Ornate Frame | Distressed Frame | Modern Frame FAVORITE DIGITAL ART Camellia Big Bend Valley Dorothy Etta Painted Ladies Aha Big Bend Mountains Scouts Kristin Blue Bonnets Cumulo Bison We hope this takes out some of the intimidation factor to adding art to your TV! Pop in the comments if you have any questions we can answer! As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Some of these links are affiliate links which means if you click the link to purchase something on this page, it won't cost you more but we may receive a commission for sharing this with you. Which is neat, because I was going to share it with you anyway! You can view our full disclosure policy here.

  • creating abstract art - a behind the scenes peek at our process

    As you may or may not know, our team of artists at Humble Abode are actually Interior Designers by day. Many artists create art for the sake of art. That is all well and good, but we're a little different. We approach every piece we create with the end result in mind - how it will look in people's homes hanging on their walls. One of the best parts about launching this shop is that it gave us an avenue to be able to create custom art for our clients, perfectly tailored to their color palettes. And if we're doing our Design jobs right, those color palettes are classic and on trend enough that they'll translate to even more people! Today I’m going to share my process for creating one of my favorites in the shop, the Kristin abstract art. One, because it's fun to see behind the scenes in this process, but also Two - so that you can see how you can pull out colors that you have in your home and spot pieces that will compliment your house. First things first. I pull out materials we're using on the project and lay them out. In this New Traditional bathroom we were using whites, grayed blues, marble, and warm wood tones, so that helps me know what colors will work well in the space. Start there and identify the few main colors you have in your space. Don’t be afraid to throw in a richer accent color or two. If your space is mostly neutral, your art doesn't have to be completely neutral. You can pull in a bold color and really make your new piece a focal point. I knew we wanted a little bit of interest here, but wanted the overall vibe to be serene. I could have pulled in a bright poppy orange and it would have looked pretty, but not had the right mood. So instead I wove in a bit of blush pink. It gives depth and interest without being too IN YOUR FACE. When it's time to get painting I make sure I have a glass of whiskey in hand so I don't take myself too seriously (it's just paint after all) and get the creative juices flowing. This is what the painting process looks like in hyper speed (notice the whiskey glass gets lower and lower). The creative process is tricky, but it always follows these exact steps: Image credit It takes trial and error. Sometimes I have to shelve a piece and walk away from it for minutes, hours, or weeks before I'm ready to tackle it again. Other times it all comes together in one sitting. I never know which way it will go until I'm in it. Here's how the final piece turned out: And here is Kristin installed in her new home. For nearly all the art in our shop, I create each piece very small (typically 8x10 or smaller) and we scan it at a high resolution and then print it at a larger scale. Here we blew up the size and had the digital file printed on a 24x36 canvas. You can see how the deep blue in the artwork mirrors the deeper blue in the shower niche, and the lighter blue is pulled out of the accessories and tall vanity cabinets. We love how this space turned out, and how this piece became the fun little surprise around the corner to enjoy while you're soaking in the tub. Shop Kristin Let us know in the comments what questions you have about finding art that will work in your space or colors you'd like to see in upcoming releases! And see the full gallery of this master bath design, head here!

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