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  • Curated Wall Art | Humble Abode & Co.

    Designer Curated Art. For any budget. At any size. SHOP DIGITAL ART Finding affordable wall art that you love can be tricky enough, but then what goes with what? How will it fit in my room? And don't even get us started on what a hassle framing can be. ​ We can help with that. From digital prints you can download and print yourself, to bundles of curated art guaranteed to work together in your space, Humble Abode & Co. can take the guesswork out of wall art. ​ Browse the shop, find some things that strike your fancy, and download our Artwork Guide to get all the insider info on size, spacing, framing, and more! ​ Let's get those walls done . Shop New Arrivals New Arrival Quick View Family Ties Price $15.00 New Arrival Quick View Study of a Hummingbird Price $15.00 Quick View Flower Shop Price $15.00 New Arrival Quick View The Hunt Price $15.00 New Arrival Quick View Copper Cauldron Price $15.00 New Arrival Quick View Copper Cruet Price $15.00 Shop All Digital Shop Art Bundles Turn your TV into a work of art Shop Digital Prints to change up your look with the touch of a button! LEARN HOW

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    @humbleabodeandco Hi, we're Humble Abode CAN WE SHOW YOU AROUND? Scotia Project Design A colorful and calming art story free laundry art printable Your laundry room walls deserve some love, too. How to size and hang your Art choosing the right size, placing, and hanging your art Adding art to your Frame TV a step by step guide to adding digital art to your TV Our fav hanging supplies what's always inside our install bag SHOP BLOG SHOP BY STYLE EASY ART HANGING GUIDE JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES FREE GIFT TAG PRINTABLES

  • Frame Styles | Humble Abode & Co.

    RESOURCES Ready to spruce up your walls? Check out our blog posts for affordable wall art ideas and tips! Whether you’re looking for artwork to hang in an office or home, we have plenty of suggestions to help you find the perfect piece. How to size and hang your art choosing the right size, placing, and hanging your art Adding art to your Frame TV a step by step guide to adding digital art to your TV Our fav hanging supplies what's always inside our install bag

  • Our Story | Humble Abode & Co.

    OUR STORY ​ I was always the artsy kid. While most of my friends were out playing soccer or gymnastics, you could most often find me at home crafting. From painting, to making window clings (very popular in the 90’s), arranging artificial flowers in my grandma’s garage, redecorating my bedroom, and decoupaging literally anything I could get my hands on, I was always making something. ​ It came as a surprise to literally no one that I wound up as an Interior Designer , spending my days transforming people’s homes to make them beautiful and functional. But still this need to create persisted. I learned how to sew. How to bake. How to quilt. Always trying new things with this deep need to create living inside of me. ​ As Interior Designers we are constantly on the hunt for beautiful, affordable art for our clients’ homes, but often found that art was either: very beautiful and therefore expensive and not in their budget, or very affordable…but not very pretty. This is where Humble Abode was born. Combining my love of making with my passion for Interior Design led us to create and curate beautiful, affordable art to fill our client’s walls. From abstract landscapes to graphic art and vintage pieces, everything in our shop runs through the filter of our design experience. Pieces that fit in with modern color palettes, that feel collected and “lived in”, and are made to look great inside your home. Many of our clients live with bare walls for so long, creating the feeling day in and day out of home feeling “unfinished.” Your home should be a both a place of rest and a source inspiration for living, not a never ending to-do list. Our hope is that you find something here that inspires you to hang that gallery wall, fill that space over your sofa, and then get on with enjoying your home. Here you’ll find pieces that I’ve created along wit portraits drawn by my dad, paintings from my great grandmother, and photography from my husband. This is about more than just prints for us. It’s our family legacy. ​ And if you're curious about our Interior Design Work, please visit us over at Tara Lenney Design .

  • Art Guide | Humble Abode & Co.

    ART SIZING Here's a helpful visual for the most common art sizes, in both portrait and landscape orientations. Most people choose art that's too small in scale. When in doubt, go bigger than you think! Pro tip: THE GUIDE Want all our best tips for selecting and hanging art to make the most of your space? Grab our free Art Guide full of guidelines for: How high to hang your art (spoiler: it's not where you think!) Selecting the right size for over furniture and mantles Putting together a killer gallery wall Adding art up a staircase And more! GRAB THE GUIDE

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    Affiliate Disclosure I may be an affiliate for select products that align with Humble Abode and Co. and our readers. I am very selective in choosing affiliates and only promote products or services that I use personally and recommend for our friends and clients. If you purchase those items through my links we may earn a small commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through our links. ​ When you order through our links, it helps us to continue to offer you free content. I sincerely appreciate your support! ​ By using this website you agree to all parts of the above Disclaimer. ​ Amazon Associates Disclosure We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. NOW THAT WE'VE GOT THAT OUT OF THE WAY, Let's head to the blog! LET'S ROLL

  • Curated Wall Art | Humble Abode & Co.

    SOON! Coming SOON! SOON! Curated wall art. Hassle free framing. Humble Abode.

  • Shop | Humble Abode & Co.

    Shop Art prints are a great way to add color and personality to any space. Whether you're looking for a bold statement piece or something more subtle, there are countless options available. From classic paintings to modern abstract designs, art prints can be a great way to express your personal style and add a touch of beauty to your home or office. Things are about to get pretty! SHOP DIGITAL SHOP BUNDLES SHOP BY STYLE

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    CONTACT US Have a question? Send us a note and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. ​ For answers to frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ Page . Submit Thanks for submitting!

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