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Our frames are hand-selected to compliment each piece of art, giving you the confidence that your finished piece will be beautifully framed on your wall.

Natural wood

natural wood.jpg

This natural wood gallery frame is a favorite because it works with so many design and art styles. The deep profile gives a touch of drama.

3/4" wide × 1 1/2" deep

natural wood corner HA.jpg

Grayed wood

grayed wood.jpg

Made of solid ash and stained gray. The frame is as warm gray tone, with heavy visible grain, and is the perfect choice for vintage prints with its natural, weathered wood vibe. Each hardwood frame is one-of-a-kind, and no two sides are ever alike. There will be visible variation in this frame.

13/16" wide × 1 1/4" deep

grayed wood corner HA.jpg

Burl wood


This frame is so visually interesting and sophisticated. There's a reason burl wood is so on trend right now! Each hardwood frame is one-of-a-kind, and no two sides are ever alike. There will be high variation in this frame. Choose this thick frame to make a huge statement in your space.

1 1/2" wide × 1/2" deep

burl corner HA.jpg

Gold bamboo

gold bamboo.jpg

Oh. So. CHIC. This gold bamboo frame can read as traditional or mid-century, feminine or classic, and either way it's a winner.

3/4" wide × 7/8" deep

gold bamboo corner HA.jpg



This classic black frame looks great with pretty much everything. Its thin, gallery profile makes it perfect for small pieces AND for larger pieces where you don’t want the frame to distract from the art.

3/4" wide × 1 1/8" deep

black corner HA.jpg



This thin white frame is favorite. Ideal when you want the art to be the center of the show and not the frame. This one looks great in any space.

3/4" wide × 1 1/8" deep

white corner HA.jpg
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