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I was always the artsy kid. While most of my friends were out playing soccer or gymnastics, you could most often find me at home crafting. From painting, to making window clings (very popular in the 90’s), arranging artificial flowers in my grandma’s garage, redecorating my bedroom, and decoupaging literally anything I could get my hands on, I was always making something.

It came as a surprise to literally no one that I wound up as an Interior Designer, spending my days transforming people’s homes to make them beautiful and functional. But still this need to create persisted. I learned how to sew. How to bake. How to quilt. Always trying new things with this deep need to create living inside of me.

As Interior Designers we are constantly on the hunt for beautiful, affordable art for our clients’ homes, but often found that art was either: very beautiful and therefore expensive and not in their budget, or very affordable…but not very pretty.

This is where Humble Abode was born.
humble abode founder artist hanging art Tara Lenney

Combining my love of making with my passion for Interior Design led us to create and curate beautiful, affordable art to fill our client’s walls. From abstract landscapes to graphic art and vintage pieces, everything in our shop runs through the filter of our design experience. Pieces that fit in with modern color palettes, that feel collected and “lived in”, and are made to look great inside your home.


Many of our clients live with bare walls for so long, creating the feeling day in and day out of home feeling “unfinished.” Your home should be a both a place of rest and a source inspiration for living, not a never ending to-do list. Our hope is that you find something here that inspires you to hang that gallery wall, fill that space over your sofa, and then get on with enjoying your home.


Here you’ll find pieces that I’ve created along wit portraits drawn by my dad, paintings from my great grandmother, and photography from my husband. This is about more than just prints for us. It’s our family legacy.

And if you're curious about our Interior Design Work, please visit us over at Tara Lenney Design.

Humble Abode founder artist displaring printable digital art
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