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holiday gift guide: humble abode edition

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Sometimes we have people on our gift list that we don't necessarily know what to buy for them. For me, it's my mother in law. She never wants anything and it makes it very difficult to get something together for her. She also has a super unique style. It's a little retro but she loves color. This gift guide is here to help ease some of those "what do I them" worries!

For the holiday hostess with the mostest

We all have that one friend who is thrilled to host every holiday party. They are already hand making their ugly sweater and stringing together popcorn for a garland on the tree. Every inch of the house is decked to utter merriment. We love them! Grab them an O Christmas Trees physical print or digital as a thank you for the years gone by that they have hosted. We love a cheerful gift for a cheerful host.

For the person who has everything

You know that one person who has everything? Like I mean everything; down to the decorative disposable napkins that politely change with the seasons. I have found that sending digital art to their Samsung Frame TV is a great gift or getting them a print to match their home's aesthetic is a great way to add to their unique style. Both Needless To Say & Roxanne are unique and abstract but can match in almost any room.

For your extended family near + far

Okay, here is my hot tip: PICTURES OF GRANDKIDS. Every mother in law loves having pictures of their fave little ones around their home. But if you are not quite there yet, try picking up a few pieces of art to fill that spot on her wall. I suggest 3 for a smaller space and either all three the same size and in 1 line (horizontal or vertical) OR 3 in 3 different sizes and make it a mini gallery wall and add a few framed photos to the wall to make it meaningful.

For the at-home bartender in your life

While getting them a nice bottle of whiskey or scotch is always a good idea, maybe they have particular taste or you don't want to buy them something they won't drink. Getting a few framed prints for their bar set up is a neat gift. It says "I love that what you love" without the pressure of trying to find the right drink for them.

For your friend with amazing taste

This is where I splurge for the Strato 16x24 in the Gold Bamboo frame. It is gorgeous and so elegant just like this friend. They probably have been eyeing some art from a local gallery or on Society6 so this is the perfect gift to get them before they even knew they wanted it!

Treat yourself! And last but certainly not least, don't forget to treat yourself! Grab a cozy sweatshirt or a print for you home. If you can't bear to buy something for yourself; just blame us!

Time to get gifting!

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