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5 prints to make your home more festive for the holidays

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o christmas tree

The halls have been decked at the Lenney House! Christmas decorating is my jam, you guys. We do it for ourselves, and we do it for one or two of our design clients every year as well.

People are always looking for decorating tips and inspiration at the holidays. My number 1 tip is always the same: lean into the colors and design style that your home has the other 11 months of the year, rather than trying to totally change your home at the holidays.

My ride-or-die color palette is pink, mustard, white, and warm wood and the style of my home is a blend of modern and vintage. So rather than trying to fully makeover my house to be classic red and green and traditional, my favorite colors and style become the base and then I weave the other more classic Christmas colors in with them.

Ornaments and decorative Santa shaped doo-dads are the gimmes, but one often overlooked way to infuse Christmas into your home is by layering in or swapping out art! Here are some pieces we added in for Christmas, and a few others that stay up all year long that I tailor the Christmas decorations around.

Come take a look around to see how we infused Christmas into our home, and be sure to scroll all the way down for a FREEBIE and to get the look in your home, should this vintage modern vibe strike your fancy.

First up, in the powder room, I already have Mother Mary up so I added some bottle brush trees to drive home the birth of Jesus vibe.

powder room christmas decor

By far, the easiest swap to make is changing up the art in the Samsung Frame TV. We added O'Christmas Tree to our Frame TV; it makes a great focal point in the living room.

o christmas tree samsung frame

And because one set of pink trees isn't enough, I added the trio of trees framed individually to my office.

o christmas trees office art

Over to the entryway and a BIG statement piece! You have probably seen our crown jewel: Magnolia; up on the blog, the 'gram, and anywhere else we can put it. WE LOVE IT! Since it has that moody, winter feel, that became our foundation. I added a small nativity scene and our advent calendar to make the area subtly Christmas but still so dreamy!

magnolia with christmas decor

Bottlebrush trees are my love language. I'm really driving home the vintage modern Christmas vibe by adding more bottle brush trees over this vintage pieces of furniture. We have this beautiful vintage secretary that Prickly Pear sits on top of year round. Adding the rainbow bottle brush trees pulled out the pink, yellow, and green tones from the painting and made the space feel so Christmassy!

vintage secretary with art and bottlebrush trees

Last but by no means least, I swapped out a different framed art piece in my kitchen for one of my personal favorites: Son of a Nutcracker. It gets a good laugh every time. Thanks to Buddy the Elf for that inspiration.

son of a nutcracker art print

The moral of the story is to work with what you've got! Add a few new inexpensive art prints in with your existing décor, and then layer Christmas on top of the pieces you already have and love. That's the best thing about Christmas decorating - you can do just a touch, or go full Clark Griswold. You get to decide! Merry Christmas!

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